"Had a great day on the street photography course. We started by looking at what street photography is and examples of famous photographers work, followed by setting up your camera and the best techniques to use when out and about. This was followed by putting what we learnt into practice on the streets of London, guided by Gary in a very friendly and helpful way. We discussed what makes a good subject, how to handle various conditions and situations, all the time comparing what we were seeing and capturing while having a very pleasant walk. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to discover a new aspect of photography or build confidence to go out in the street and take interesting shots."

"It was great meeting you and chatting about street photography - just doing that with an experienced, talented professional was incredibly rewarding! The workshop certainly helped me to get a better handle on the type of opportunities to look out for, and the importance of being ready for them! I also thought the review of photos by other great photographers was really interesting. Some of those images would inspire anyone to go and take photographs. Legal rights - good to be advised on that aspect of 'street photography' and, finally, thanks very much for helping with the camera settings on my Fuji X100!

"I recently attended the one day DSLR Beginners course, run by Gary Perlmutter. The course was brilliant (there’s a lot more to taking photographs than pointing and clicking, as I soon found out!). Gary explained everything we needed to know in a simple and clear manner, providing on-screen examples and prepared notes for us to follow. We also had plenty of practice taking photographs, both inside and outside the venue, which helped enormously. I thoroughly recommend Gary’s course, it’s perfect for a complete beginner to get to grips easilywith all the functions of a DSLR camera, and how to take good photos!"

'The intermediate evening course was a great chance for me to learn some new tips and tricks, as well as refreshing my knowledge on the basic things too! I also had an enjoyable time with the practical exercises/tasks, a great way to learn on-site. Many thanks to Gary!'

"Had such a fun day finally learning what all those buttons and dials are on my camera. 
Thanks Gary you were really great teacher, patient calm and practical. Gave me the confidence to try and use my skills to take better photos. I will try and book the Lightroom course so photos don't live in my camera!"

"I recommend the course to everyone who wishes to master their knowledge of the DSLR camera settings and how to manipulate them. Also you get much more than that - our tutor Gary was generously sharing with us some of his knowledge gained during the long years of photography experience. The atmosphere is informal and you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics,which is great. The group is small and this is really beneficial as Gary was able to pay equal attention to each of us. The course is very well designed and structured and covers all you need in order to produce great quality pictures. The practical part was fun and very useful , as you can practice what you've been taught and also learn new techniques. Thank you Gary !"

"Just finished my street photography one day course with Gary Perlmutter and had a fantastic time. After a few hours in the classroom looking at styles and the masters of street photography we had a go ourselves on the streets. Followed by a quick review of the shots we'd taken back in the classroom. Everything was run very smoothly and professionally and Gary was a fantastic teacher."
"I really enjoyed the lesson yesterday, it really helped my understanding of a lot of things - I now understand the practice as well as the theory!  And I have just created an HDR image of my dog in Lightroom which is brilliant.  He's a chocolate Labrador and has always been difficult to get good photos of him because he's so dark; that alone makes yesterday worthwhile!"

“Very pleased I joined Gary on 1-to-1 session as he covered all the basics about my SLR in a couple of hours, Gary knows his stuff, thanks” Giordano Braga, Director at Listenmore.co.uk

"Thanks to Gary for a very enjoyable day. Really enjoyed the course, good to have most of the day to learn about street photography. Great to go out and put into practice things learnt in the morning and to have a review and to see how other members of the group viewed similar shots or came up with unique images."

"I went on the street photography course on Sunday. The instructor was insightful, friendly and obviously very knowledgeable. Got some great photos and feel more confident behind the camera. Could not rate highly enough,"

"The Beginners Photography course was well structured because it provided the information I expected to receive (how to use the basic settings of a camera) in a clear and logic way. What I really appreciated was the fact that there were practical exercises included in the course to try out straight away the new cool things just explained, both in the classroom and even outside. I also appreciated the pace, which was slow enough to let things settle in, written down, understood, without being too lenghty or too slow. So it was a perfect pace. It left time to ask questions and to have things repeated if necessary. It was really well structured. Gary in particular was very friendly and patient and was always willing to go through stuff twice or expand on things that did not necessarily fall in the programme. He also took the time when asked to point at each student's camera the buttons to push, which vary from camera to camera. So I really appreciated the hands on approach and the helpfulness. It was a great course and well taught. I also liked how each student had a voice and was given a chance to introduce themselves at the beginning and to explain the aims and objectives for being there. The course was really tailored on the students' needs, rather than just being set in stone."

" I thought the teaching was very helpful and informative. Gary was really approachable and down to earth. He was also very knowledgeable and passionate. I will definitely come back and do the intermediate course if I can!"